Friday, October 31, 2008

Ben10 for My Son Joe's Birthday

How is a Baker's son having his 6th birthday ?
So ordinary...nothing in grande. Kesian deh anak-ku...maminya sibuk tender
Came back from office at 11pm, and after took a nap for 3 hours, start to make this 16 choco mud cupcakes plus 12 goody bag (Turtle topper cupcakes) for his friend
Anyway, happy Birthday my dear Joe. Mommy loves you in every single of my breath.
GOD Bless you...Amen.

Price & Spec : see below

Price : Rp. 250,000 (not include delivery cost)

16 Choco Mud Cupcakes cupped in a momma paper cup
35 x 45 cm board tray planted in 45 x 55 cm styrofoam board
Ben10's images - Edible
Fancy coloured candle (just info it cost me 10,

Spreaded with milky Butter Cream (with or without rhum, non flavoured) - I won't recommend for a whipping cream usage since school usualy rather hot and not every kiddo in school use an aircon vehicle on their way back from school.

Cupcake Topper :
1 boy/girl figurine
alphabet fondant cutted name
balance topper is choise of simple fondant figurine / edible

Budget Price : Rp. 200,000 with things to be removed :
- the momma paper cup - use the basic paper cup
- edible images could be replaced by an A4 paper printed - not eat-able
- fancy coloured candle - use 2,000 rupiah red candle, Other condition is remain the same